Our New Barn



Our New Barn - 30 X 40 feet

Wendell Cook's Polebarns


The search began to find a contractor that could build a barn and keep the expenses within my budget.  After talking to several companies I ended up hiring Wendell Cook, from Wendell Cook Barns.  That proved to be an EXCELLENT decision.  The barn that they built exceeded my expectations.
Materials Delivered.jpg (81693 bytes) Materials were delivered.  It sure didn't look like enough stuff to build a 30 X 40 barn. 
Studs01.jpg (72568 bytes) The wall began to go up a few days later during a small snow storm. 
StudsRoofOn.jpg (134930 bytes) Starting to take shape.  The post we sunk into the ground approximately 30 - 36 inches and concreted. The regular Oklahoma winds aren't going to blow this barn down. 
Rafters.jpg (56255 bytes) Wendell's attention to detail was excellent.  He used the extra ends of the 5 by 5 posts to reinforce the rafters. 
BarnSiding01.jpg (71576 bytes) The siding is going up.  
Finished Barn.jpg (71236 bytes) Wendell's job is done.  It took about two weeks from start to finish and that included some bad weather days. 

The outside of the barn is finished.  

Next we hauled in several loads of dirt to level the inside of the barn.  

StallCloth.jpg (57930 bytes) My husband and I  put up 3/4 inch plywood all around the barn as a kick plate to put the stall against.

We brought in screening (crushed gravel) as a final base under the stalls.

Next I installed Stall Skins for the floors in the stalls.  

I called Randy at Northeast Gate company to design the stalls for the barn.  Randy was great to work with and was willing to do any size stall that I needed. 
BarnFloorPlan.jpg (46602 bytes) I designed the floor plan of what I wanted inside my barn.  I designed a total of 8 stalls and a grooming/tack area.  


FoalingStall.jpg (107797 bytes) I had 2 foaling stalls that measure 10 X 10.  They both have sliding doors that open into a small private paddock area for the mares and their babies. 
FoalingPaddock.jpg (98523 bytes) Small paddock area for the mares and their foals to stretch their legs until they are strong enough to run with the herd. 
Stalls.jpg (105518 bytes) Four stalls are 8 X 10 and one other is 7 X 10.  

Some of the stalls have solid metal sides for more privacy and others are open.  All the fronts of the stalls are horse wire that is 2 x 4 inches so that the horses can see each other when being stalled.

dogarea.jpg (90078 bytes) Randy designed a stall area that only the dogs would be able to enter.  I have had a lot of trouble with mini's eating the dog food.  Anything I could design that the dogs could enter, my smaller mini's could enter, too and help them self to the dog food.  This stall gate has a sliding door that is adjustable.  The dogs love having an area just for them.  
  The 15 X 10 ft. grooming area, has a contain a floor with a drain, warm water and an air conditioner for the hot summer months.