Our New Dexter Bull



MornStar Sweeney


Dun Colored registered Dexter Bull -MornStar Sweeney 

Sweeney, often referred to as our Little Bulldozer, is a sweet, good tempered calf that is always curious about what is going on in "His" pasture.  Despite what I had learned from watching "Little House on the Prairie"  I was finally convinced that to have milk from my cows you have to have a bull around.  <LOL> Sweeeny is who we choose to be the Sire for our small herd.  He is a non-carrier of PHA and of Chondrodysplasia.

His Sire

MornStar Rory III
Direct son of Dixie Novio



MornStar Rory III is the main herd sire at Morning Star Ranch in Iola, Texas. He is an awesome bull with great conformation.  He has a great lineage and gentle disposition. He will eat from his owners hands.

Sweeney's Dam:


Beautiful dun heifer, Dexters are truly great for dairy or beef - so you get a dual purpose animal.  The meat is very good - marbling dependent upon what you feed.