For Sale



All prices are negotiable and package pricing 
is available call 405-406-1839.

All Horses from my small herd are going up for sale.  There is not a horse on this place that I don't love and want to keep, but I must sell some, so I will sell the first 5 horses purchased  and keep the others.  I am willing to help with transportation and meet or deliver within the state of Okla.

        Geldings For Sale - For more info click the "Gelding" button to the left.

1.  2009 Gelding - Kilkenny's Rocky Mountain High  $1500

2.  2011 Gelding - Kilkenny's Midnight Impulse  $500
         Mares For Sale - I will breed any mare to my stallion for no extra cost if that is your wish. For more info click the "Our Mares" button on the left.

1.  2007 Mare - Triple K Destinys Pleasant Dream $3000

1.  2007 Mare - WeeOkies's Reflections Fantasy  $1000

1.  2008 Mare - Riverdances It Takes Two to Tango  $1500

1.  2008 Mare - Kilkenny's Little Miss Attitude  $1000

1.  2007 Mare - Riverdances Monarch Somelike it Hot  $1000

1.  2009 Mare - Kilkenny's Shady Lady  $1000
  Stallion For Sale - For more info click the "Our Stallion" button to the left.

1.  2007 Stallion - Triple K Boogie's Heza BTU Impulse $2000